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Committee & AGM Minutes - Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Utopian Studies Society held at the University of Porto 4th. July 2009
Present: Fátima Vieira (Chair), Jim Arnold (Treasurer), Lorna Davidson (Secretary), Greg Claeys, Laurence Davis, Tom Moylan, Nicole Pohl, Lucy Sargisson, Jorge Bastos da Silva (committee members) and 25 ordinary members.

1. Apologies: LD advised that apologies had been received from Lyman Tower Sargent, Alex–Alban Gomez, Pere Gallardo, Ruth Levitas and Vince Geoghegan.

2. Minutes of the AGM held in Limerick 5th.July 2008: posted on website, and available at the meeting - approved unanimously on a motion by Greg Claeys, seconded by Tom Moylan.

3. Matters arising. None

4. Finance: Treasurer’s Report 2008/09. (copies available at meeting). Since AGM 2008, income of £1,207.15 had been received from Uni. of Limerick, representing the levy on 2008 conference reg. fees, plus some bank interest. In accordance with USS policy, funds had been withdrawn to disburse grants to 3 post-graduate students at a cost of 380 Euros. Balance currently stands at £3,469. J Arnold’s financial statement was unanimously approved on a motion from A. Milner, seconded by G Claeys.

5. Office Bearers and Committee – A list of the current committee members was available at the meeting. LD reported that Lyman Tower Sargent had communicated his wish to stand down from the Committee; there had been no contact from Amanda Cole for some considerable time, and she had not responded to requests to indicate her willingness to continue; it was assumed she did not wish to remain on the committee. All other members and office-bearers had expressed their willingness to carry on for a further period of 3 years. Accordingly Fátima Vieira asked the meeting to approve the re-election of the current office bearers (Fátima Vieira, Lorna Davidson, Jim Arnold) and committee members G Claeys, L Davis, P Gallardo, V Geoghegan, A Gomez, R Levitas, T Moylan, N Pohl, L Sargisson, and J Bastos da Silva; this was agreed without dissent. In addition the meeting was asked to elect two new members. Antonis Balasopoulos (nominated by J Bastos da Silva and seconded by A Milner) and Luke Ashworth (nominated by T Moylan, and seconded by N Pohl) were unanimously confirmed as committee members.

6. Conference Plans

a) 2010 Lublin, Poland – Artur and Ludmila Blaim were invited to provide further information, and it was announced that the dates of the conference, to be held at the Maria-Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, would be 7-10 July 2010. A conference website was under construction at www.utopia2010.umcs.lublin.pl and more details would be available soon. LD agreed to provide them with a copy of the current guidelines for conference organisers.

b) 2011, Nicosia, Cyprus. Antonis Balasopoulos confirmed his offer to host the 2011 conference at the University of Cyprus, and was hopeful of being able to secure supporting funds to off-set higher travel costs by keeping the registration fee low. He will provide further details to the committee in due course. He requested more information on the conference format, and again LD agreed to provide the current guidelines, but noted that variations on the usual format could be agreed with the committee, provided the Society’s general principles regarding inclusivity etc. remained unchanged.

c) Proposal for 2012: F Vieira reported that Akin Sevinc had suggested that he may be able to host the 2012 conference in Istanbul. He was unable to attend the AGM, but will be in touch with FV to discuss this possibility.

d) 2013, London?? Greg Claeys agreed to consider whether the 2013 conference could take place in London.

7. Utopian Studies Journal: Nicole Pohl, who is to become Editor of the US-based Utopian Studies Journal from January 2010, was invited to address the meeting. She advised that Penn State University had agreed to publish the US Journal for an initial period of 3 years. During this time it was hoped to increase subscriptions to improve financial viability and she requested that USS Europe consider how the Journal could be promoted to its members. After discussion of various options, it was agreed as an initial step that N Pohl would supply LD with a promotional flyer with details of the various subscription categories which could be e-mailed to individuals on the USS membership list. NP agreed to suggest that in return, USS could have an advert for the European-based Society included in a future issue of the Journal. There was general agreement that it would be beneficial to promote an exchange of information between SUS and USS.

8. Any Other business: F Vieira advised that the University of Porto hoped to publish a selection of papers from the 2009 conference in 2 volumes. Other papers might also be published in the University’s E-Journal Spaces of Utopia.
L Davidson advised that Abstracts of all papers presented at the 2009 conference will be posted on the USS website in due course.
F Vieira also reported that a successful Utopian conference had been held recently in Brazil, and that this looked likely to be an area of expansion for Utopian Studies in the future.

Fátima Vieira concluded the meeting by reiterating her thanks to the USS committee
members, and her colleagues on the Organising Committee in Porto, and looked forward to
welcoming as many members as possible to Lublin in 2010.

USS Europe - Committee elected in 2009 for a period of 3 years:

Chair: Fátima Vieira
Secretary: Lorna Davidson
Treasurer: Jim Arnold

Committee Members:

Luke Ashworth
Antonis Balasopoulos
Greg Claeys
Laurence Davis
Pere Gallardo
Vincent Geoghegan
Alex-Alban Gomez
Ruth Levitas
Tom Moylan
Nicole Pohl
Lucy Sargisson
Jorge Bastos da Silva

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